Divorce is personal, but it is also legally complex. Because a divorce often touches upon a number of issues, ranging from the division of assets to child support, the proceedings can be subject to numerous laws, rules, and procedures, all with the potential to affect your life and your future. The lawyer you choose to represent you in Texas divorce proceedings should be a lawyer with experience and a lawyer you can trust.

All divorces in Texas are lawsuits. The divorce process can be confusing and very emotional. It is important to work with an experienced lawyer who knows the law and how to help you get what you want and need out of your case. If you have assets and/or children, you do not want to file a divorce petition on your own, making yourself responsible for identifying assets, dividing property, figuring out spousal and/or child support, and deciding the custody of your children.

While Texas has both contested and uncontested divorces, you are absolutely entitled to a divorce if you want one. Your spouse cannot keep you from getting a divorce. A divorce is contested when you and your spouse cannot agree to the terms by which you will divorce; and conversely, an uncontested divorce occurs when both parties agree.

In Texas, there are seven grounds for divorce listed in the family code, including both fault grounds and no-fault grounds. While you don’t necessarily have to prove fault to get a divorce in Texas, the stated grounds for your divorce can affect the outcome of your case.

The Seven Grounds For a Texas Divorce

  1. Insupportability
  2. Living apart
  3. Confinement to a mental hospital
  4. Cruelty
  5. Adultery
  6. Felony conviction
  7. Abandonment

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