If you have any questions about a divorce or any other family law issue, contact our Amarillo family law attorneys who have decades of collective experience and a support staff that treats clients like family.

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Child Custody

If you are currently facing a child custody battle, you need an experienced lawyer on your side. Whether your case is being litigated in court or is being resolved using mediation, you can count on our Amarillo child custody lawyers to help you and your children through this challenging time in your lives.

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Child Support

Texas law mandates caps on the amount of child support that can be legally ordered unless the case supports a claim for “above guideline support,” including for the care of special needs children with disabilities, to provide for psychological counseling for children who have suffered as a result of divorce, and more.

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Adoption is the permanent, legal transfer of parental rights and responsibilities from the State to the adoptive parent. Adopting a child can and should be a joyous occasion.

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