Robyn Nance

Robyn NanceRobyn Nance is a founding partner of Freeman & Nance, PLLC in Amarillo, Texas. Criminal defense is a lifelong passion for Robyn, and she has dedicated her career to ensuring that the rights of people facing criminal prosecution are upheld and maintained. Whether Robyn is representing an Amarillo resident on a DWI or assault charge or defending one of the many people who travel through the Texas panhandle, her clients can be assured of honest and aggressive representation on their behalf.

As a native of the Texas panhandle, Robyn is familiar with the legal system in Amarillo and the surrounding counties. Robyn works diligently to provide client-focused defense that is enhanced by up to date knowledge of the law and scientific techniques. Robyn also knows how difficult this time can be in the life of a client, which is why she never takes for granted the trust clients put in her. Robyn and her staff try to take away the fear and anxiety that go into hiring an attorney by creating a welcoming, friendly, non-judgmental environment where a client is free to express concerns and ask questions.

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