probation revocation lawyers Being on probation can either feel like a breath of freedom for recently released prisoners or a complete relief to individuals who were sentenced to probation instead of jail time. Violating probation, however, has extremely serious consequences. If you are facing a probation revocation, Freeman & Nance can help you fight for your rights throughout the legal process.

Probation In Texas

Anyone on probation will be closely monitored. The level of monitoring can vary based on the convictions of an individual, but some of the most common forms of monitoring include frequent check-ins with probation officers, regular or random drug testing, wearing an ankle monitor, and restricted travel, among others. Because of the increased monitoring, even the slightest probation violation could result in probation revocation. Not appearing for scheduled court proceedings, failing to pay fines, using illegal drugs, or violating other specific conditions of your probation (such as avoiding certain individuals or places) can all launch a revocation proceeding.

The consequences for probation revocations are very serious. Penalties can range from time added to an individual’s probation term to a return to prison. Individuals can also face large fines. Probation is an opportunity for individuals to move forward with their lives after making a mistake. Any missteps at this crucial stage could inhibit their opportunity to be completely rehabilitated.

Revocation Proceedings

There are many misconceptions about revocation proceedings. Unlike criminal offenses, there is no jury present during revocation proceedings, and violations only need to be proven by a “preponderance of the evidence” and not “beyond a reasonable doubt.” This means the state’s burden of proof is much lower, and one person will decide an individual’s fate: the judge. This is not a situation people facing revocation can handle alone.

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At Freeman & Nance, our probation revocation attorneys work tirelessly to advocate for our criminal defense clients. We have the resources necessary to successfully represent you in court. Not all probation violations have to end with revocation, jail time, or hefty fines. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys and see how we can help resolve your probation violation.

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